Brightline Studio

Original Watercolor Artwork & Prints

Commissioned Artwork

Personalize your home, office or building and make the space on your walls meaningful to you, your family or customers.

Commissioned artwork can be surprisingly affordable and created specifically to match the colors, décor and environment you are trying to achieve.  Surround yourself with the things you love!

Would you like a colorful, well designed watercolor painting filled with details and emotion? Do you have a photo of your favorite animal, person, place or your home?

Joann will be happy to provide you with a detailed, written estimate for the cost of the completed painting. Your understanding and choices on the subjects listed below will affect the total cost of the painting.

In order to successfully create the estimate, please provide:

  • A clear picture of the subject. The image must be your own and not a purchased photograph (due to copyright law).
  • What size should the painting be? This measurement should also take into account how large the mat and frame surrounding the painting will be and the available wall space where the painting will hang. Once we decide upon the size of the painting, it cannot be changed. It can only be started over. So, to keep labor costs down, it is important that we decide together the on the finished size of the painting and stick with it.
  • Depending upon the project, a tentative completion date will be included with the estimate.
  • A non refundable deposit of 50% of the estimate is required before the art project work can start.
  • The estimate does not include framing. You will receive your painting in a clear cellophane envelope with a foam board backing to support the paper. I will be happy to recommend a reliable framing company.